Team Memberships

3 Easy ways to Join the Rouleur Devo family:

Option #1 Sponsor, Supporter, Alumni member:

If you are a Rouleur now, want to be a Rouleur some day in the future, had a kid or a sibling on Rouleur, or have just seen what we do and want to help more people become Rouleurs, please consider supporting our cause by joining the team, getting yourself some merch, volunteering to be a ride leader with us and making a team donation.  We hope you will wear these team kits proudly, and come out riding and racing with us throughout the year!  All are invited. Help us create some more Rouleurs in life.

Cost: You decide what you want to donate

*Any donation you choose to make will make a difference so Thank you for your support.



Option # 2- ROULEUR DEVO Race Team Member-

This option is for Racers age 13-18 who have raced at least 1 year previously and want to take things to the next level.  If this is you, you love cycling and racing and you want to keep improving your skills, power, endurance, racing IQ and mental strength.  All Race team members are invited to attend our scheduled practices in the spring to help hone your skills and fitness with other like minded kids who love riding.  We will break into groups on the rides and work to help you get to the next level.   In addition, you are also invited to join us at national and local team races whenever you can and we will be able to offer you some special discounts occasionally from some of our sponsors. This Race program gives you many of the benefits of the national team without the full commitment of the national team. This race team option does not include the option to attend team camp or the option for deeper national team discounts on bikes and equipment.  

Cost: $800- (Includes $320 worth of team Merch)


-1 RACE DAY JERSEY w/ matching Race day BIB, 1Team TEE, 1 pair of Yellow socks, and a Team HAT (value $320)

-Scheduled team practices throughout the spring- approx 15-20 practices.

-Team tent access at team races.

-Invited to Join the National team for pre rides at the National events.

-Special Race team discounts on sponsor products.

(*note: We highly recommend you get more than 1 kit, we will have 3 completely different kit designs this year with a Biofit Jersey, a Verde Jersey and a Summit zipperless jersey. All three bib designs will be the same model bibs but different graphics.  We will wear different kits at the races and on team rides. We will send out notes via team snap about which kit the team will wear at each race. In addition, we plan to only do one order this year so order now if you want something.  Now is your chance.) 


Option # 3- National Team Member:

This option is for Racers age 13-23  who have raced at least 2 year previously and want to take things to a national or world class level. These national team racers are riders that have raced national races or have shown an ability to perform at the national level. They are also fully committed to participating in the national calendar.  We are allowing any member to purchase the national team bundle instead of the Race team bundle while ordering on our site. This will save you a few dollars if you want all the team items but….. in order to officially be on the Rouleur National Team and receive all the full national team benefits, all National Team athletes must be approved by team management. If you want to be considered for this option please reach out to Bryson Perry at 949-973-0300 for next steps… 

To be clear and upfront, there are a few reasons for this requirement, 

1- Our National Team riders will have the option to purchase team bikes and equipment through the team directly from our sponsors at deep discounts but we cannot offer that to everyone due to limited availability and sponsorship requirements. We also have limited resources and budget and don’t want to have to charge more money just to cover all the expenses of the team.  We wish we had the budgets and bandwidth to do more but we will do all thatt we can. 

2- Our national team will have a team camp in February.  These rides will include some higher intensity and on technical trails.  In an effort to make sure that we are able to get it all in without having riders falling behind, we cannot effectively invite all riders. 

3- We have really tried to make this program one that helps riders to develop,  If a rider is not yet capable but wants to become capable, it will require work on their part.  We encourage that work and effort and don’t look at it as any less admirable than a rider racing the national championships.  One of the main reasons that we do the same kits for our national and race teams is that we don’t want to distinguish between them as both are important to us but we are limited in our ability to effectively work with all riders equally as some just take more time to get there.   We hope you can understand. If you are not chosen for the national team, we hope you’ll still join our race team, keep working and showing up and maybe you can get here with us in the future. Former Race team members are selected to the national team with priority each new year. 

Cost: $1600-  (Includes $1200 worth of team Merch)


-1 RACE DAY JERSEY w/ matching Race day BIB, 1 Team TEE, 1 pair of Yellow and Navy socks, and a Team HAT (value $335)

- 1 Verde Training jersey and 1 Summit Zipperless jersey each with matching bib shorts (value $500)

-1 duo convertible jacket, 1, long sleeve jersey,  1 arm warmer, 1 knee warmer (value $365)

- Everything listed above in the Race team membership

included for Riders selected for the National team:

Team tent access at team races (including limited tech support)

Tech zone support at team races- (limited to UCI categories)

Feed zone support at team races

Team Pre rides at all team events

*Special National Team discounts on bikes, components, equipment etc...

*Winter Team Training Camp*- (Additional cost $250 includes all food and accommodations)

*Help coordinating travel for national events

*Possible team house options at some events

*(Additional cost items)