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Q: What does Rouleur mean?
A: A Rouleur is a type of cyclist considered a good all-rounder.

Q: What group do I fit in?
A: Depending on the riding ability of each athlete, this will dictate the level they will benefit from most…. A rider who is new to the sport would benefit from our "devo" program. A rider who has ridden for a few years, and had some race experience either locally or with the NICA program, could certainly be a good fit for our "race" team. A small group of riders will fit our Elite program, invited by team directors.

Q: Where will the training rides be held?
A: The majority of our training rides will be held in Salt Lake County in the South Valley area. Typically we will meet in the Corner Canyon area, with additional rides at locations TBD as the season takes shape. The Equestrian Center in the Corner Canyon area provides a location to work on skills, gain fitness, and also a parking lot which proves to be convenient for the vast majority of our riders.

Q: What do I need in terms of equipment?

A: Every team member will be expected to show up for training rides with a fully functional, well maintained bike, helmet, and hydration.

Q: Why would this team benefit me?
A: Athletes who participate with the Rouleur program will gain valuable skills through training sessions with the "Gear Rush" team. Professional cyclists such as Bart Gillespie, Alex Grant, Sarah Kaufmann and more. These technical skills not only provide a safe riding experience, but increase bike handling skills allowing each athlete to reach his or her potential. Seasoned cyclists continue to improve skills regardless of their level! In addition, we hope to expand the friendships of athletes who share the same passion of cycling.

Q: Am I required to race?
A: Racing is encouraged for the race team but is not a requirement. We will provide support at many of the local events, which we hope you will be a part of! It certainly is not mandatory for the Devo program. We hope to teach you the skills to race safely if your wish is to race at a later time.

Q: Why does the team train from April to July? A: Many of our cyclists have obligations through the NICA program. We have tailored our program to allow kids to participate in both programs with minimal overlap. Our schedule allows the two programs to co-exist.


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