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Development team

This is designed for youth who are relatively new to the sport, but love riding their bike and would like to gain knowledge and skill of how to improve their talent on the bike. Riders should have aspirations of racing, but may have never competed in an organized race to date. These kids should have a bike that fits them and have ridden for at least a year. This is a great place for kids that are trying to decide of they want to race in Middle or High School or if they have raced and want to improve on what they did last year.

Race Team

Our race team is designed for an athlete who has ridden for a few years, had some race experience locally and/or through the NICA program. Riders in this group should plan on attending local organized races and look to improve their skills through a talented coaching staff.

Athletes participating with our race team will be following a training program designed by Plan 7 Endurance Coaching.

Elite Team

*by invitation only*

Athletes with many years racing experience, finishing top in their division with a desire to compete at national events could be chosen to be on our Elite team. Athletes who would like to pursue a spot on our Elite team are asked to submit a race resume including race results, goals, and a short write up about their contribution to cycling. Resumes should be mailed to seth@dnacycling.cc - We will contact you with questions we may have once receiving your resume. *by invitation only*

2017 Rouleur Kit

Support the Rouleur 2017 development program by purchasing your own DNA Rouleur Kit. For more information click on sign-up.

Trikes to Trails

Our program focuses on introducing young kids ages 6-12 to mountain biking. Children must have a geared mountain bike with hand breaks and 20” or larger wheels. We provide professional coaching in the following areas: mountain bike skills, cycling safety and trail etiquette.